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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Santos Dumont - Game Pitch

Ok, I`ve decided to tell why I am developing images of this funny detective. It is a pitch for a game project that will be funded by the government. Companies and people all over the country will send a project, so the best 8 proposals will receive R$ 30.000,00 to develop the game.

My project is about Santos Dumont, one of the aviation`s fathers. The game is about the attempt to steal the flight plans of 14 Bis before his first demonstration. The jogability will be a adventure game or point-and-click game just like Monkey Island and The Dig and many great others.

This image and the other two (
here and here) are just concept drawings. I am not convinced that I will use this design. If I win this pitch, I will be responsable for the project management, I will do all the designs and animations, backgrounds and so on. I already know that this style is very hard to reproduce, so I will develop more economic designs.

Today I will post more drawings.

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